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All rolling elements are dependant on some nature a lubricant in order to survive. SKF have promoted for many years that an average of 36% of bearing failures are as a result of inadequate lubrication.

E. Fox (Engineers) Ltd have gained vast experience through solving many of our customerís experiences of lubrication problems to be able to offer solutions with lubricant selection and the application method of the selected lubricant.

Lubrication systems and fit & forget automatic lubricators are great ways of ensuring that your rolling elements receive the correct lubrication throughout their rolling lives. Systems are designed to the environment in which they are running making them comply with Health & Safety and also environmentally friendly as it is linked into the machine controls ensuring that it will only be lubricating the rolling element when the machine is running.

Update (Sep 2010): View our Lubrication Product Catalugue here - Click here for info
Isol8 Update (Aug 2010): View product information and videos on the fantastic Isol8 products here - Click here for info
Update (September 2008): You can now purchase Lubrication Products online - Click here for info
Update (September 2008): Lanotec lubrication range now available in Ireland - Click here for info
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