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Brand::Sykes Pickavant

‘319’ Series - Universal Expansion Plug System
For use with hand pump or airline adaptor (for HGV)

  • Also compatible with ‘318’ Series threaded caps and adaptors to extend applications coverage
  • Features a self-testing metal hand pump and precision gauge, with specially designed pressure release valve for safe depressurising of cooling systems
  • Designed to cover three types of system test:- Leak Detection - Temperature Testing - Thermostat and Thermo-Switch Operation
  • The special patented design of the Expansion Plugs, features a tapered rubber cone to fit a variety of radiator and header tank neck diameters. With a range of just 5 plug sizes, it is possible to cover a very wide range of applications, from small cars to commercial vehicles & heavy plant.
  • The Safety Retaining Clamp has been specially designed to provide added safety in certain applications, e.g. plastic expansion bottles, situations of extreme cold, or very high water temperatures, and when it is not practical to fully clean the surfaces of the aperture neck.
  • The Safety Retaining Clamp greatly reduces the risk of the expansion clamp slipping from its fixed position, particularly under high pressure, and it is recommended to be used for all applications.
  • Blanking caps are also provided with the ‘319’ Series System Testers, in order to perform radiator sealing tests, off the vehicle.
  • Temperature testing can be carried out by using the thermometer in conjunction with the appropriate expansion plug and by observing the change (or lack of change) in the fluid temperature and by measuring the rate of change of temperature.

33190500 Contents
- Airline adaptor and gauge assembly, for fast pressurising of large capacity systems on commercial vehicles and plant equipment
- Universal expansion plugs x 2 (apps range from 33 to 65mm apertures)
- Safety Retaining clamp
- Thermometer

Optional Extra:
- 03191500 - Stepped Expansion Plug for Mercedes (apps range from 27 to 44mm)


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