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E. Fox (Engineers) Ltd has been providing Transmission solutions to industry since the flat belts were the most common transmission drive system.
Since then we have seen the development of the Vee-Belts, Variable Speed Drive Belts, Toothed Synchronous Belts, Link-Belting and many other specialist belts suitable for application specific drives.

The transmission Chain has gone through as many changes over its life with many variations and attachments available for conveying and other solutions within the market. Development never stops and recently Gates developed the new PolyChain Synchronous Belt as an energy saving solution along with the Predator banded belt as a solution for the Construction, Mining & Quarrying Industry.

Regina has also launched the Enduro chain as a self lubricating and maintenance free chain providing another fit & forget solution. For more transmission solutions please contact our Technical Services Division who can audit, design and install solutions that will help provide you with a cost saving on downtime and maintenance.

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