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Brand::Sykes Pickavant

The Sykes-Pickavant Vibro-Impact Air Hammer(90206000) is a unique concept to aid the removal of seized suspension parts.

The ‘Vibro-Impact’ system allows for the controlled application of force via an air powered Impact Hammer and allows the operator to control and gradually increase the force being applied, in order to loosen seized components.

It features a built-in shock-absorber in order to minimise risk of damage if too much pressure is accidentally applied.

It has low vibration for user comfort and is supplied with a handy wall mounted storage bracket and a set of four Impact Hammers for variable applications.

Weight: 2.49kg Length: 290mm Air supply: 6.2bar (90psi) Air usage: 114 ltrs / min Stroke: 2200 bpm Noise level: 100dBA

Whilst the ‘Vibro-Impact’ Air Hammer has been designed for use on suspension parts, there are a number of additional applications where its use may prove to be convenient

– e.g. Seized or rusted nuts / bolts on any part of the vehicle and seized injectors where there is no need to retain the injector for future use.

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